Studio Tour Artists and Galleries 2024

Isenor, Jodi: Seabright Art Gallery

Wood - Folk Art

Jodi Isenor - Seabright  Art Gallery If you're looking for a fun & smile-worthy gallery, you found it! With the... [Read More]

Ivany, Connie

Painting - Abstract

Connie Ivany - Wave Over Wave Connie Ivany's work asks the viewer to envision the elements to trigger memories. Abstract/contemporary... [Read More]

Jones Callahan, Margaret: Windhorse Studio

Painting - Abstract

Margaret Jones Callahan - Windhorse Studio Margaret’s abstract art reflects her relationship to nature and spirit through the interplay of... [Read More]

Kieley, Brittany


Brittany Kieley - Britt Kieley Fine Art Textured mixed media paintings and collage work Brittany Kieley is a mixed media... [Read More]

Koltakov, Alexander: CiLArt Studio

Painting - Landscapes, Still Life, Bas-Reliefs

Alexander Koltakov - CiLArt Alexander Koltakov creates acrylic or oil on canvas in impressionist style paintings, depicting scenes of nature... [Read More]

Kuttner, Maria

Painting - Figures, Animals, Still Life

Maria Kuttner - Artist Maria chooses subject matter to portray energy and mood, colours and shapes to enliven the scene.... [Read More]

LeBlanc, Evan - Brushstrokes by the Bay


Evan LeBlanc - Brushstrokes by the Bay Evan's art depicts nature, places and people - whatever inspires him. He works... [Read More]

Lindley, Patricia: Seascape Gallery

Painting - Landscapes, Marine Themes, Still Life

Patricia Lindley - Seascape Studio Coastal landscapes, marine themes and still life works are rendered in the vibrant colours of... [Read More]

Logan, Joanne - Crossroad Artists

Paintings - Abstracted Landscapes

Joanne Logan - Crossroad Artists Joanne creates often abstract collage and paintings that are inspired by the beautiful St. Margaret’s... [Read More]

Lundy, Mark: Crescent Clay


Mark Lundy - Artisan Custom Screen Doors - any size & design with 1 1/2 inch cedar. Wooden creations of... [Read More]