Tag: Photography

06. Denise Sooley: Denise Sooley Photography

Framed Photography

Framed Photography Denise is inspired by the beauty of the coast and found items left behind by people or nature.... [Read More]

14. Debbie Malaidack


Photography Debbie is inspired by nature. Her photo collection presents her unique view of the world, capturing ordinary scenes made... [Read More]

14. By the Bay Artists

An Eclectic Artisan Group

An Eclectic Artisan Group Inspired by the beautiful east coast, this group of local artists offers a diverse collection of... [Read More]

17. Beth Newman


Photography Beth Newman's thoughtfully composed photographs from around the world find elegance in the everyday encounter. We are engaged to... [Read More]

18. Twelve Acre Hill Gallery

Painting, Pastels & Fused Glass

Painting, Pastels &  Fused Glass The Gallery is housed in a charming century farm building overlooking St. Margaret’s Bay. Much... [Read More]

20. Not Me Art Gallery

Fine Art - Various Media

Fine Art - Various Media Not Me Art Gallery features a wide variety of exciting works by local artists. Media... [Read More]

24. Patrick Charlton: Glen Gree Art

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour; Photo on Canvas

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour; Photo on Canvas Patrick is inspired by the art of the late RCN Commander Tony... [Read More]