Tag: Photography

George, Kelly


Kelly George - Artist Photography of local area and Nova Scotia. Self-taught photographer of St. Margaret's Bay and Nova Scotia,... [Read More]

Harris, Kip


Kip Harris -  Photographer Most of Kip’s minimal black & white environmental portraits are taken in people’s workplaces. A serious... [Read More]

Isenor, Jodi: Seabright Art Gallery

Wood - Folk Art

Jodi Isenor - Seabright  Art Gallery If you're looking for a fun & smile-worthy gallery, you found it! With the... [Read More]

Malaidack, Debbie


Debbie Malaidack -  Artist Photography has been a life long passion that allows Debbie to express her appreciation of the... [Read More]

Newman, Beth

Photography, Painting

Beth Newman - Artist Beth Newman’s thoughtfully composed photographs from around the world find elegance in the everyday encounter. We... [Read More]

Seary-Inkpen Seaside Studio

Folk Art; Photography; Mixed Media

Seary-Inkpen Seaside Studio Located in Boutiliers Point, the studio features multimedia art including paper collages, photographs, paintings, drawings, driftwood sculptures... [Read More]

Sooley, Denise: Denise Sooley Photography


Denise Sooley - Photography You will find Framed Photographic images in various sizes along with a variety of note cards.... [Read More]

Studio 43 - Group Exhibit

Fine Arts & Craft

Studio 43 - Group Exhibit Studio 43 is an inviting timber frame building tucked among the trees in the heart... [Read More]

Tindal, Mike


Mike Tindal – Photographer Inspired by watercolour paintings of his home in Scotland's west coast, Mike's photography focuses on Canadian... [Read More]