Helpful Hints

This page has some tips to enhance you viewing pleasure on our website.

Chrome Browser

To increase font size: Click on the three dots on the right and select settings. Select Appearance and then change the font size to medium or large.

To zoom in: press and hold the Ctrl key and then either + or –

To Translate: Copy the URL of the website and then click here. Select websites then from the drop down on the right the language you require. Paste the URL into and click the arrow.

Safari Browser

To Increase font size: Click here for a guide.

To Translate: If available click the AA in the left hand side of the address bar and click translate.

Accessibility events: On the apple device go to settings and then scroll down to Accessibility. Here you can customize settings to your individual needs.

Firefox Browser

To zoom in or make font size larger: Click the menu button on the right. The zoom controls are at the bottom

To Translate: You can add the Google translate to extension.