Tag: Watercolours

Brushstrokes by the Bay


Brushstrokes by the Bay Our group has come together as passionate and dedicated painters in acrylic, oil and water colour.... [Read More]

Bodnarchuk, Deb

Painting - Abstract

Deb Bodnarchuk - Artist Deb is a very spontaneous and loose abstract artist. She loves working with bright bold colours... [Read More]

Cavicchi, MJ

Painting - Watercolours; Acrylics

MJ Cavicchi - Artist Mj works in a representational and sometimes semi abstract style. She also makes use of acrylic... [Read More]

Conrad, Diana - Crossroad Artists


Diana Conrad - Crossroad Artists Diana is inspired by nature. Blue skies and tranquility seem to be the dominant theme.... [Read More]

Crossroad Artists: Art Group

Painting: Watercolour, Acrylic & Mixed Media

Crossroad Artists: Art Group Eclectic group of artists in acrylics, oils and watercolours. Wide variety of subjects from realism to... [Read More]

Doane, Mary - Crossroad Artists

Painting - Watercolours

Mary Doane - Crossroad Artists Mary’s work is inspired by the everyday things around her, quite often still-life representations of... [Read More]

Festa, Julia: Art by Julia

Painting - Landscapes, Florals

Julia Festa - Artist Julia enjoys painting with oil and also with watercolour, capturing nature and inspired by Nova Scotia's... [Read More]

LeBlanc, Evan - Brushstrokes by the Bay


Evan LeBlanc - Brushstrokes by the Bay Evan's art depicts nature, places and people - whatever inspires him. He works... [Read More]

Lindley, Patricia: Seascape Gallery

Painting - Landscapes, Marine Themes, Still Life

Patricia Lindley - Seascape Studio Coastal landscapes, marine themes and still life works are rendered in the vibrant colours of... [Read More]

Lutz-Barabé, Fabien: Barabé Art

Painting - Landscapes

Fabien Lutz-Barabé - Artist  Landscapes, seascapes and atmospheric skies are the artist's joy and goal. His home and his surroundings... [Read More]

Macpherson, Shawn: Shawn Macpherson Art

Painting - Watercolours & Acrylics

Shawn Macpherson -  Artist Shawn is a wild & loose intuitive painter. Her Watercolour work is very painterly and free-flowing,... [Read More]

Marchand, RJ: RJ Marchand Fine Art

Painting - Wildlife, Animals, Birds, Seascapes

RJ Marchand - Artist R. J. Marchand works almost exclusively in acrylics and watercolours, capturing seascapes and realistic portraits of... [Read More]

Mireau, Laurie: Mireau Art

Painting - Landscapes, East Coast Inspired

Laurie Mireau - Artist Using tight realism and vivid colors, Laurie enjoys painting coastal scenes and water reflections. Homes, cottages,... [Read More]

Nemeth, Amy

Watercolour, Drawing, Sea Glass Pendants

Amy Nemeth - Artist Amy Nemeth is a watercolour and pen artist who creates detailed, whimsical art inspired by nature... [Read More]