Member Events

Members of the PCAAS Society participate in numerous special projects throughout the year.

Upcoming Events in 2024

Winter in the Bay – This thematic exhibit, in partnership with the Community Enterprise Centre, and The Masthead News, includes an art exhibit, a writing contest and a published full-colour book! PCAFA has collaborated on this project since 2021.

PCAFA “Pop Up” show at the Prow Gallery – PCAAS members will be featured in a pop up show and sale at The Prow on Lower Water Street in Halifax over the Victoria Day weekend in May 2024.  Opening event will be hosted on Friday, May 17th in the late afternoon.

Members’ Workshops – To be determined.

Members are also eligible to exhibit artworks in any of two locations around the community.  For more information visit Community Art Exhibits.

Previous Events

Christmas in the Bay – PCAFA has been co-presenting partner of the Christmas in the Bay Colouring Contest since 2021.

Members’ Workshops  – Members enjoyed three winter workshops in 2023: Figure Drawing, Watercolours, and Rug Hooking.

Flags for Food – Over $2,000 was raised for the St. Margaret’s Bay Food Bank at Flags For Food: A Harvest Gathering and Fundraiser, held on October 21 at the SMB Community Enterprise Centre.

Plein Air Picnics – Generously hosted by Twelve Acre Hill Gallery, this outdoor painting event and picnic was enjoyed by 11 members.

Solstice – This project is a midsummer art show (June 2022) inspired by the Earth’s movement through the heavens.  Artists are invited to submit a work exploring their relationship with the heavens through an understanding of their astrological signs or a work celebrating the Summer Solstice through a nocturnal subject or some combination of the two.

Oceans of Artists – This PCAFA project promotes the work of our members, creates community and social media “buzz” and supports mental health.  The gorgeous seven-foot tree will be called “OCEANS of ARTISTS” and will showcase small art in November, 2021.

Share the Harvest – Community groups joined together to offer the second annual Share the Harvest at the St. Margaret’s Bay Community Enterprise Centre (CEC) on Saturday, September 11. The event gathered local abundance to share with the whole community, with proceeds to the St. Margaret’s Bay Food Bank.   A Food and Drink themed PCAFA members’ art show, with works by more than 30 artists, was available to enjoy inside the CEC.

Artful Birdhouses – The goal was to make a group of unique and functional birdhouses for a festival-featured outdoor garden show at the St. Margaret’s Bay Gardening Club “Crossroads Garden” in July, 2021. Houses were sold at this event and the proceeds went to the St. Margaret’s Bay Food Bank.

Postcard Project In this special project members created art in response to a postcard send by another member.  To view a YouTube video of the resulting pieces of art, visit.

Takeaway  In 2019, artists exchanged “idea boxes” with objects in it that have significance for them or that might foster a response in someone else.  The recipient made a piece of art in response to the contents of the box.  The results were wonderful!

Pieces of Eight – PCAFA members created a body of work that was visually unified by size and scale.  Works were used in promotional activities and exhibited for sale at the Festival Opening Reception in July, 2018.