Special Projects

If you are a member of the PCAFA Society, you are eligible to participate in the exciting special projects happening in 2021.

Winter in the Bay is a two-part community project that has the potential to engage diverse community members and organizations. The first part is an art and quilt exhibit; the second part is a writing contest. The two are linked, in that the works of art and quilts will serve as inspiration for the writing pieces.

In 2021 the members’ project is Artful Birdhouses.  The goal is to make a group of unique and functional birdhouses for a festival-featured outdoor garden show at the St. Margaret’s Bay Gardening Club “Crossroads Garden”. Houses will be sold at this event and the proceeds are intended for The St. Margaret’s Bay Food Bank.  For more information visit Artful Birdhouses.

Last year, the Postcard Project was a special project where members created art in response to a postcard send by another member.  To view a YouTube video of the resulting pieces of art, visit Postcard Project.

Projects from previous years include Takeaway and Pieces of Eight.

Members are also eligible to exhibit artworks in any of two locations around the community.  For more information visit Community Art Exhibits.