The Postcard Project

2020 PCAFA Member Collaborative Art Project

Are postcards a thing of the past in an age of social media and the sharing of holiday snaps in real time? We think not! In our 2020 Member’s project, postcards remain relevant as they bring us together exploring written word and the art that it can inspire.

One member writes and sends a postcard to another member and the recipient replies by creating a work of art in response to the written word.

First, you have to register so we know the best way to be in contact with you.

Each registered member will receive a 5”x7” postcard made from 140 lb. Cold Press Water Colour Paper, and an envelope with a Canadian Stamp. Cards will be available at the AGM in October or you can contact us to arrange pick-up in person or to have it mailed to you.

On the back of the card (the side where the address and stamp would go), we want words. Poems, letters, lists, whatever you feel might move someone else to create a piece of artwork.

You can write your postcard anytime after you have registered. Registration closes February 2nd. Soon after that date you will receive an email with the name and address of the member to whom you will send your postcard. Post cards must be written, addressed and mailed by February 20th, 2020. To protect your card you can send it in the envelope provided. Please write the address you are sending it to on the post card as well as the outside of the envelope, and sign your post card so we know who did the writing.

When you receive your postcard from another member it’s time to make art. Your response to the written component can be anything, in any media. We just ask that it measure 5” x7” and have the original written postcard on the back. You can work directly on the watercolour paper or in another medium and attach the original. The thickness doesn’t matter.

Completed Postcards will be collected Sunday June 2nd, 2020 at a time and location to be determined. Since finished pieces won’t be mailed, weight won’t be an issue.

In June we will gather to reveal the work – an opportunity to meet with fellow members and talk about our experience.

  • Only Festival Members qualify to participate.
  • Registration for the Postcard Project closes February 2nd, 2020 (the same day that Studio Tour Registration closes).
  • Postcards must be mailed by February 20th, 2020.
  • Submission of final work will be June 2nd, 2020.
  • Works will be revealed at a Member’s Evening later in June.
  • If space allows, Postcards will be exhibited at the Opening Night Reception and/or the project may be shared for promotional purposes as a video montage. 
  • Finished artworks are the property of the creating artists, not the writers.
  • Specific drop-off and pick-up details to follow. Watch the Festival Website, your email inbox or contact Sarah Irwin at, phone 902-823-1873.