The Peggy’s Cove Area Festival of the Arts is a celebration of our local talent, and a labour of love from our communities. That’s why volunteers are integral to the success of this event, and help bring the Festival to life.


If you can help, please contact Beth Newman by email beth.newman@gmail.com or phone at 902-821-2000.

Distribution of Literature

We need help in distributing Studio Tour Guides and Festival Posters.

Signage Team

Sandwich board signs set up in locations along Highways 3, 329, and 333 direct our visitors to events throughout the festival.  We are looking for individuals to volunteer with setting up signs on July 8th and again on July 13th, and also picking up the signs at the end of the festival on July19th.  If you have access to a truck or large car, please let us know.

Paint Peggy’s Cove

Consider joining us as a volunteer during the three days (July 8, 9 & 10) of plein air painting in Peggy’s Cove. Our mighty volunteers get to interact with participating artists, tourists and local citizens helping out with the art show, assisting the artists and promoting our event with tourists and locals alike. It is an amazing experience. We’re looking for people to volunteer with:

Yurt Helpergreeting visitors, receiving/inventorying/wrapping art
Runnerinteracting with artists on-site, bringing art into the Yurt
Sales Desk Helperconducting and recording sales, electronically and by hand
Children’s Art Tent Helperassisting children and managing supplies

Please join us in this vibrant arts event!