Flags for Food

Flags For Food Artful Fundraiser

Why: In support of The St. Margaret’s Bay Food Bank!
What: 11”x 9” canvas banners with wooden dowel and string that members are
invited to do whatever they would like, in any media, keeping in mind it is a flag…
Where: The flags will be displayed for a sale event at a public location TBA (share
the Harvest, or CEC)
When: The flags are available now and will be collected during our Studio Tour
Sign pick up date in June. However, the final showing/sale of these will not be
until the fall so there is lots of time to participate.
How: Contact Sarah Irwin at i[email protected] 902-880-9777 and she will get you a
flag, or answer any questions you may have.
Cost: The flags are provided by the PCAFA, please keep in mind they are intended
to be recollected, displayed, and sold for approximately $50.00 each.

Above is a sample, Birds Please by Sarah Irwin. Don’t be shy about “thinking
outside the banner”. Have fun! There are no theme or size restrictions.