Tag: Wood

Artists on the Hill: Art Group

Pottery, Wood, Painting

Artists on the Hill: Art Group Situated atop a beautiful hillside, this group location offers stunning views overlooking St. Margaret’s... [Read More]

Darley, James: Cove Gallery

Impressionistic Painting & Sculptures

Jim Darley - Artist Impressionistic and abstract wood and stone sculptures and acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings. STUDIO TOUR:  open... [Read More]

Isenor, Jodi: Seabright Art Gallery

Wood - Folk Art

Jodi Isenor - Artist The art that you'll find at Seabright Art Gallery is a collection of fun animal folk... [Read More]

Lundy, Mark: Crescent Clay

Folk Art, Custom Screen Doors

Mark Lundy - Artisan Custom Screen Doors - any size & design with 1 1/2 inch cedar. Wooden creations of... [Read More]

Red Roof Artists: Art Group

Fine Arts & Craft

Red Roof Artists - Artists and Artisans Since 2018, the Red Roof Artists have been an eclectic (and nomadic!) group... [Read More]

Smith, Brian: Brian Smith Artisan

Wood - Charcuterie Boards, Paddles

Brian Smith - Artisan Brian’s woven wood charcuterie boards are versatile, durable, and incredibly beautiful. His distinctive canoe & kayak... [Read More]

Walsh, Jerry: Jerry Walsh Artisan

Wood, Folk Art

Jerry Walsh - Artisan Jerry started on this artistic journey about fifteen years ago, combining his lifelong passions of woodworking... [Read More]