Tag: Acrylics

Brushstrokes by the Bay


Brushstrokes by the Bay Our group has come together as passionate and dedicated painters in acrylic, oil and water colour.... [Read More]

Burlingame, Julia: Sand Pebbles Studio

Painting - Interpretive Landscapes, Whimsical Imagery

Julia Burlingame - Sand Pebbles Studio Various mediums on canvas, wood, antique windows, and slate. Imagery includes interpretive landscapes, whimsical... [Read More]

Bodnarchuk, Deb

Painting - Abstract

Deb Bodnarchuk - Artist Deb is a very spontaneous and loose abstract artist. She loves working with bright bold colours... [Read More]

Campbell, Jayne

Painting, Fibre

Jayne Campbell - Campbell Gallery Jayne’s art is often reflective of the coastal community in which she lives as well... [Read More]

Cavicchi, MJ

Painting - Watercolours; Acrylics

MJ Cavicchi - Artist Mj works in a representational and sometimes semi abstract style. She also makes use of acrylic... [Read More]

Coleman, Ed

Painting - Oils

Ed Coleman - Artist Ed paints with an impressionist style using a lot of color and texture in acrylic and... [Read More]

Conrad, Chaba: Chaba’s Clay Flower & Art Studio

Clay Flowers, Painting

Chaba Conrad - Artist Handmade Clay Flowers & Happy Animal paintings. Her expression and inspiration of her works… “I just... [Read More]

Conrad, Diana - Crossroad Artists


Diana Conrad - Crossroad Artists Diana is inspired by nature. Blue skies and tranquility seem to be the dominant theme.... [Read More]

Crossroad Artists: Art Group

Painting: Watercolour, Acrylic & Mixed Media

Crossroad Artists: Art Group Eclectic group of artists in acrylics, oils and watercolours. Wide variety of subjects from realism to... [Read More]

Fredericks, Paula

Painting - Mixed Media

Paula Fredericks - Artist Acrylic painting, oil painting, collage and assemblage art. Jewellery for the wild at heart. Paula’s imaginative... [Read More]

George, Sue - Crossroad Artists


Sue George - Crossroad Artists Sue’s paintings are inspired by the paradoxical “rugged beauty” of Nova Scotia’s lakes and forests. ... [Read More]

Glen Artists: Art Group


Glen Artists - Art Group A group of enthusiastic artists, we strive to reflect our inspiring and diverse environment in... [Read More]

Herrington, Kristen: Togetherland

Painting - Abstract, Mixed Media

Kristen Herrington - Togetherland Art Gallery Kristen Herrington creates vibrant abstract paintings with a hint of realism. She also reupholsters... [Read More]

Ivany, Connie

Painting - Abstract

Connie Ivany - Wave Over Wave Connie Ivany's work asks the viewer to envision the elements to trigger memories. Abstract/contemporary... [Read More]

Jones Callahan, Margaret: Windhorse Studio

Painting - Abstract

Margaret Jones Callahan - Windhorse Studio Margaret’s abstract art reflects her relationship to nature and spirit through the interplay of... [Read More]

Kieley, Brittany


Brittany Kieley - Britt Kieley Fine Art Textured mixed media paintings and collage work Brittany Kieley is a mixed media... [Read More]

Koltakov, Alexander: CiLArt Studio

Painting - Landscapes, Still Life, Bas-Reliefs

Alexander Koltakov - CiLArt Alexander Koltakov creates acrylic or oil on canvas in impressionist style paintings, depicting scenes of nature... [Read More]

Kuttner, Maria

Painting - Figures, Animals, Still Life

Maria Kuttner - Artist Maria chooses subject matter to portray energy and mood, colours and shapes to enliven the scene.... [Read More]

LeBlanc, Evan - Brushstrokes by the Bay


Evan LeBlanc - Brushstrokes by the Bay Evan's art depicts nature, places and people - whatever inspires him. He works... [Read More]

Logan, Joanne - Crossroad Artists

Paintings - Abstracted Landscapes

Joanne Logan - Crossroad Artists Joanne creates often abstract collage and paintings that are inspired by the beautiful St. Margaret’s... [Read More]

Lutz-Barabé, Fabien: Barabé Art

Painting - Landscapes

Fabien Lutz-Barabé - Artist  Landscapes, seascapes and atmospheric skies are the artist's joy and goal. His home and his surroundings... [Read More]

Macpherson, Shawn: Shawn Macpherson Art

Painting - Watercolours & Acrylics

Shawn Macpherson -  Artist Shawn is a wild & loose intuitive painter. Her Watercolour work is very painterly and free-flowing,... [Read More]

Marchand, RJ: RJ Marchand Fine Art

Painting - Wildlife, Animals, Birds, Seascapes

RJ Marchand - Artist R. J. Marchand works almost exclusively in acrylics and watercolours, capturing seascapes and realistic portraits of... [Read More]

Martel, Xander


Xander Martel - Artist Xander paints local landscapes, often incorporating pop culture and geek scenes within the landscape, using acrylic... [Read More]

Matthews, Beth - Crossroad Artists

Painting – Horses, Birds, Landscapes

Beth Matthews - Crossroad Artists In her art, Beth strives to create a feeling of ‘being there’ in the moment,... [Read More]

Milledge, Mary Lynne: Maritime Inspirations

Painting- East Coast Inspired

Mary Lynne Milledge - Artist Mary Lynne’s use of vibrant colour and perspective sets a magical mood & captures the... [Read More]

Mireau, Laurie: Mireau Art

Painting - Landscapes, East Coast Inspired

Laurie Mireau - Artist Using tight realism and vivid colors, Laurie enjoys painting coastal scenes and water reflections. Homes, cottages,... [Read More]

Moger, Ruth Ann

Painting - Abstracts, Animals

Ruth Ann Moger - Artist Ruth Ann has been painting for quite a few years mainly with acrylics but in... [Read More]

Morash, Stacy: Stacy Morash Art

Landscapes, East Coast Inspired

Stacy Morash - Artist Stacy’s landscapes are a personal expression of a familiar environment. Her blended paint strokes, color and... [Read More]

Mosher-Swain, Margo


Margo Mosher Swain - Artist Margo has over a fairly short period of time found a way to put colour... [Read More]

Newman, Beth

Photography, Painting

Beth Newman - Artist Beth Newman’s thoughtfully composed photographs from around the world find elegance in the everyday encounter. We... [Read More]

Scheibling, Robert: RESart

Painting - Mixed Media, Fluid Acrylics

Robert Scheibling - RESart Self-taught Nova Scotian artist exploring mixed acrylic media and found natural objects to create imaginary landscapes... [Read More]

Sinclair, Jennifer

Painting - Animals, Portraits, Still Life

Jennifer Sinclair - Artist Jenn explores relationships with animals, and nature. Her paintings tell a story and capture the subject's... [Read More]

Smith, Debbie - Crossroad Artists

Painting - Stylized Landscapes & Flowers

Debbie Smith - Crossroad Artists Debbie loves altering the colour, shapes, and features of natural forms to create bold, bright... [Read More]

Studio 43 - Group Exhibit

Fine Arts & Craft

Studio 43 - Group Exhibit Studio 43 is an inviting timber frame building tucked among the trees in the heart... [Read More]

Twelve Acre Hill Gallery


Twelve Acre Hill Gallery The Gallery showcases a variety of original works in acrylic on canvas or panel, as well... [Read More]

Wright, Monika

Painting - Abstract

Monika Wright - Artist Monika Wright’s art is a vibrant, energetic expression of emotion. Her artworks are included in collections... [Read More]