Matthews, Beth – Crossroad Artists

Beth Matthews, Jelly Bean Boats, Oil

Beth Matthews – Crossroad Artists

In her art, Beth strives to create a feeling of ‘being there’ in the moment, and welcomes the viewer on the ‘journey’. In acrylic or oil, she paints Sable Island horses, Maritime land and seascapes.

Beth Matthews was a self-taught ‘dabbler’ with paints in her youth. Her move to Nova Scotia in 2001 awakened a whole new dedication and focus to painting. Inspired by the Atlantic landscape and shoreline, she is known for her representational land and seascapes, as well as paintings of horses, birds, dogs, cats and people. Getting back to oil painting is a new learning curve. She is the founder of Crossroad Artists, and is a member of the PCAFA.

STUDIO TOUR:   open July 12, 13 & 14 LOCATION # 4  

Showing with Crossroad Artists at St Margaret Sailing Club, 5 Foxberry Hill Rd, Glen Haven, NS B3Z 2W2

YEAR ROUND: enquiries welcome

t: 902-877-5090
e: [email protected]
f: crossroadartists17