Moger, Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann Moger, Seeing Things, Oil & Cold Wax Collage

Ruth Ann Moger – Artist

Ruth Ann has been painting for quite a few years mainly with acrylics but in the last couple of years has been using soft pastels and also cold wax medium.

Animals, birds, plants and wildlife are often the subjects of Ruth Ann’s paintings, as well as the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. She has taken workshops from several artists including Richard Rudniki, Moe Brooker, Heather Sayeau, Barbara MacLean, Wayne Boucher and Marc Grandbois.  Ruth Ann is a member of ArtScape and Abstract Studio Artists.

STUDIO TOUR: open July 12 & 13  Location # 36

20 Christie’s Rd, Boutiliers Point, B3Z 1S1 

YEAR ROUND:  enquiries welcome

t: 902-499-1329
e: [email protected]