Tag: Sculpture

Darley, James: Cove Gallery

Impressionistic Painting & Sculptures

Jim Darley - Cove Gallery Impressionistic and abstract wood and stone sculptures and acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings. STUDIO TOUR: ... [Read More]

Irwin, Sarah: Irwin's Emporium

Drawing, Stone Sculpture, Oil Paintings, Abstracts

Sarah Irwin - Irwin's Emporium Vibrant bouquet paintings, imagined landscapes in oils, wooden assemblage and stone sculpture are a few... [Read More]

Isenor, Jodi: Seabright Art Gallery

Wood - Folk Art

Jodi Isenor - Seabright  Art Gallery If you're looking for a fun & smile-worthy gallery, you found it! With the... [Read More]

Koltakov, Alexander: CiLArt Studio

Painting - Landscapes, Still Life, Bas-Reliefs

Alexander Koltakov - CiLArt Alexander Koltakov creates acrylic or oil on canvas in impressionist style paintings, depicting scenes of nature... [Read More]

Lundy, Mary Jane: Crescent Clay

Clay Sculpture

Mary Jane Lundy - Crescent Clay Studio Mary Jane Lundy is a clay sculptor/artist who works in slab building construction... [Read More]

Peggy's Cove Glass

Blown Glass

Peggy's Cove Glass The blown glass crafted at our studio ranges from functional art, such as glasses and vases to... [Read More]

Seary-Inkpen Seaside Studio

Folk Art; Photography; Mixed Media

Seary-Inkpen Seaside Studio Located in Boutiliers Point, the studio features multimedia art including paper collages, photographs, paintings, drawings, driftwood sculptures... [Read More]

Trinacty, Bunk

Painting - Animals, Still Life

Bunk Trinacty - DESIGNS by Bunk Clay artist. Sculptres created by handbuild techniques, plus the use of cast molds. Raised... [Read More]