Seary-Inkpen Seaside Studio

Seary-Inkpen Seaside Studio, Patricia Seary

Seary-Inkpen Seaside Studio

Located in Boutiliers Point, the studio features multimedia art including paper collages, photographs, paintings, drawings, driftwood sculptures & folk art.

The studio is a mother-daughter collective featuring multi-media art exploring different perspectives from underwater photography to otherworldly drawings & paintings inspired by science fiction. Also displayed are unique & whimsical folk art, sculptures & home accessories made from scavenged driftwood, shells & cactus skeletons. Visit the separate “Trip Cave” for a psychedelic visual experience!

STUDIO TOUR: open July 12, 13, & 14  LOCATION #38

320 Kennedy’s Rd, Boutiliers Point NS B3Z 1V7

YEAR ROUND: enquiries welcome

e: [email protected]