Irwin, Sarah: Irwin’s Emporium

Run Blue Rooster Run 40x30_oil on canvas

Stone Sculpture, Oil Paintings, Abstracts

Imagined landscapes, 100 Neo-Folk chalkboards, vibrant abstracts, and sculpture garden make this stop a true Emporium. Guest Artist CA McNeil.

A graduate of Georgian College and NSCAD University Sarah Irwin has been actively making paintings, drawings, assemblages, and stone sculpture for 25 years. Irwin has created sets, costumes, album covers, illustrations, poems, stories, and taught art classes. Represented by 14Bells Fine Art in Halifax, her work is also found in Nova Scotian establishments and private collections across Canada and abRd She lives in Hackett’s Cove.

STUDIO TOUR: open July 15, 16, & 17 LOCATION #13

9810 Peggy’s Cove Rd., Hackett’s Cove, NS, B3Z 3L1

YEAR ROUND: enquiries welcome

t: 902-880-9777