Tag: Mixed Media

Barabé, Fabien: Barabé Art

Painting - Landscapes

Fabien Barabé - Artist  Landscapes, seascapes and atmospheric skies are the artist's joy and goal. His home and his surroundings... [Read More]

Burlingame, Julia - Sand Pebbles Studio

Painting - Interpretive Landscapes, Whimsical Imagery

Julia Burlingame - Artist Various mediums on canvas, wood, antique windows, and slate. Imagery includes interpretive landscapes, whimsical imagery and... [Read More]

Campbell, Jayne

Painting, Fibre

Jayne Campbell - Artist Jayne’s art is often reflective of the coastal community in which she lives as well as... [Read More]

Chiasson, Brittany

Painting - Whimsical Landscapes

Brittany Chiasson - Artist Brittany's paintings are mixed media explorations of our belonging and interconnectedness with each other and the... [Read More]

Crossroad Artists: Art Group

Painting: Watercolour, Acrylic & Mixed Media

Crossroad Artists: Art Group Eclectic group of artists in acrylics, oils and watercolours. Wide variety of subjects from realism to... [Read More]

Doherty, Jennifer: Jennifer's Pop-Up Palette

Painting - Folk Art & Animals

Jennifer Doherty - Artist Folk art and animal portraits. Jen has been painting for more than 20 years. She has... [Read More]

Fredericks, Paula

Painting, Jewellery, Metal

Paula Fredericks - Artist Acrylic painting, oil painting, collage and assemblage art. Jewellery for the wild at heart. Paula’s imaginative... [Read More]

Gallant Chilton, Joanne: Om Studio

Painting - Mixed Media Abstracts

Joanne Gallant Chilton - Artist I take my cues from nature, travel, found objects and history. I use cold wax,... [Read More]

Herrington, Kristen: Kristen Herrington Art

Painting - Abstract, Mixed Media

Kristen Herrington Kristen Herrington’s abstract art is a conversation piece. Her fluid style uses liquid acrylic paint mixed with a... [Read More]

Irwin, Sarah: Irwin's Emporium

Stone Sculpture, Oil Paintings, Abstracts

Sarah Irwin - Artist Oil paintings of vibrant imagined landscapes, animal paintings, drawings, and stone sculpture are ways Irwin communicates... [Read More]

Jones Callahan, Margaret: Windhorse Studio

Painting - Abstract

Margaret Jones Callahan - Artist Margaret’s abstract art reflects her relationship to nature and spirit through the interplay of colour... [Read More]

Lindley, Patricia: Seascape Gallery

Painting - Landscapes, Marine Themes, Still Life

Patricia Lindley - Artist Coastal landscapes, marine themes and still life works are rendered in the vibrant colours of pastel... [Read More]

Logan, Joanne: Joanne Logan Art

Paintings - Abstracted Landscapes

Joanne Logan - Artist Joanne creates often abstract collage and paintings that are inspired by the beautiful St. Margaret’s Bay,... [Read More]

McArthur, Maureen

Painting - Acrylic

Maureen McArthur - Artist My passion is to create art whether using reclaimed materials or painting on canvas. I hope... [Read More]

Red Roof Artists: Art Group

Fine Arts & Craft

Red Roof Artists - Artists and Artisans Since 2018, the Red Roof Artists have been an eclectic (and nomadic!) group... [Read More]

Redden, Sherrie

Painting & Photography

Sherrie Redden - Artist Mandala and Dot Art - Sherrie paints in acrylic, layering dots to create detailed and colourful... [Read More]

Scheibling, Robert: RESart

Painting - Mixed Media, Fluid Acrylics

Robert Scheibling - Artist Self-taught Nova Scotian artist exploring mixed acrylic media and found natural objects to create imaginary landscapes... [Read More]