Tag: Clay/Pottery

Artists on the Hill: Art Group

Pottery, Wood, Painting

Artists on the Hill: Art Group Situated atop a beautiful hillside, this group location offers stunning views overlooking St. Margaret’s... [Read More]

Conrad, Chaba: Chaba’s Clay Flower & Art Studio

Clay Flowers, Painting

Chaba Conrad - Artist Unique hand-crafted flowers that are made of clay, beautiful and extraordinarily lifelike. Chaba’s work is inspired... [Read More]

Lundy, Mary Jane: Crescent Clay

Clay Sculpture

Mary Jane Lundy - Artist Mary Jane Lundy is a clay sculptor/artist who works in slab building construction using local... [Read More]

Red Roof Artists: Art Group

Fine Arts & Craft

Red Roof Artists - Artists and Artisans Since 2018, the Red Roof Artists have been an eclectic (and nomadic!) group... [Read More]