Studio Tour Artists and Galleries 2024

Lundy, Mary Jane: Crescent Clay

Clay Sculpture

Mary Jane Lundy - Crescent Clay Studio Mary Jane Lundy is a clay sculptor/artist who works in slab building construction... [Read More]

Lutz-Barabé, Fabien: Barabé Art

Painting - Landscapes

Fabien Lutz-Barabé - Artist  Landscapes, seascapes and atmospheric skies are the artist's joy and goal. His home and his surroundings... [Read More]

Macpherson, Shawn: Shawn Macpherson Art

Painting - Watercolours & Acrylics

Shawn Macpherson -  Artist Shawn is a wild & loose intuitive painter. Her Watercolour work is very painterly and free-flowing,... [Read More]

Maguire, Donna: Rogues Studio Gallery

Painting - Oils

Donna Maguire - Rogues Studio Gallery Original oil paintings featuring vibrant colour and texture. Born and educated in Nova Scotia,... [Read More]

Malaidack, Debbie


Debbie Malaidack -  Artist Photography has been a life long passion that allows Debbie to express her appreciation of the... [Read More]

Marchand, RJ: RJ Marchand Fine Art

Painting - Wildlife, Animals, Birds, Seascapes

RJ Marchand - Artist R. J. Marchand works almost exclusively in acrylics and watercolours, capturing seascapes and realistic portraits of... [Read More]

Martel, Xander


Xander Martel - Artist Xander paints local landscapes, often incorporating pop culture and geek scenes within the landscape, using acrylic... [Read More]

Matthews, Beth - Crossroad Artists

Painting – Horses, Birds, Landscapes

Beth Matthews - Crossroad Artists In her art, Beth strives to create a feeling of ‘being there’ in the moment,... [Read More]

Milledge, Mary Lynne: Maritime Inspirations

Painting- East Coast Inspired

Mary Lynne Milledge - Artist Mary Lynne’s use of vibrant colour and perspective sets a magical mood & captures the... [Read More]

Mireau, Laurie: Mireau Art

Painting - Landscapes, East Coast Inspired

Laurie Mireau - Artist Using tight realism and vivid colors, Laurie enjoys painting coastal scenes and water reflections. Homes, cottages,... [Read More]