2021 Member Artists and Galleries

Abstract Studio Artists: Art Group

Abstract Paintings

Abstract Paintings Dynamic and powerful abstract paintings in bold unique styles by 10 artists who have been meeting since 2014... [Read More]

Amirault, Gretchen

Painting - Acrylic and Oils

Painting Gretchen Amirault paints with various mediums, acrylics, oils and/or watercolour. Her paintings show the beauty of the local area,... [Read More]


Painters: Realistic to Abstract in Various media

Painters: Realistic to Abstract in Various Media All members of ArtScape are painters and acrylics is the medium used most... [Read More]

Aspotogan Arts & Crafts: Art Group

Paintings, Sculpture, Ceramics, Folk Art, Woodwork, Felting/Fibre Art, Jewellery

Paintings, Sculpture, Ceramics, Folk Art, Woodwork, Felting/Fibre Art, Jewellery Our members work in a wide variety of arts and crafts... [Read More]

Belding, Sue

Painter - Watercolour

Painter - Watercolour Sue paints naturescapes in watercolour. Her paintings capture a moment in time focusing on form, colour and... [Read More]

Boutilier, Katheryn (Kathy)


Drawing- Pen & Ink My art reflects coastal scenes and homesteads in the St. Margaret’s Bay area which were inspired... [Read More]

Campbell, Elise

Fibre Art

Fibre Art Elise creates sculptural and wearable art using wool, silk and other natural fibres. Drawn to the sea and... [Read More]

Campbell, Jayne

Painting, Fibre

Pastel, Fibre Art, Watercolour, Acrylics & Oil Jayne’s art is often reflective of the coastal community in which she lives... [Read More]

Cavicchi, MJ


Painter - watercolour and acrylic. Inspired by the beauty of her maritime surroundings, Mj’s work features blooming flowers to rugged... [Read More]

Charlton, Beverly


Weaver Bev's creative side is clearly shown in her weaving. Shawls, table runners, scarfs, towels and napkins are but a... [Read More]