2022 Member Artists and Galleries

Albert's Wharf Gallery


Painting Albert's Wharf Gallery is an ancient fishing shack come art gallery. This unique little gallery reflects the Maritimes. The... [Read More]

Amirault, Gretchen

Painting - Oils

Painting - Oils Gretchen paints mainly in oils, either plein air or in her studio. Her landscapes depict the beauty... [Read More]

Janes, Shardi

Painting, Drawing

Painting/Drawing Shardi's art often reflects her experiences growing up in Newfoundland's beautiful landscapes and her love of nature. She uses... [Read More]

Aspotogan Arts & Crafts: Art Group

Paintings, Sculpture, Ceramics, Folk Art, Woodwork, Felting/Fibre Art, Jewellery

Paintings, Sculpture, Ceramics, Folk Art, Woodwork, Felting/Fibre Art, Jewellery Our members work in a wide variety of arts and crafts... [Read More]

Belding, Sue

Painting - Watercolour

Painting - Watercolour Sue paints naturescapes in watercolour. Her paintings capture a moment in time focusing on form, colour and... [Read More]

Burlingame, Julia - Sand Pebbles Studio

Painting - Mixed Media

Painting - Mixed Media Various mediums on canvas, wood, antique windows, and slate. Imagery includes interpretive landscapes, whimsical imagery and... [Read More]

Campbell, Jayne

Painting, Fibre

Painting/Fibre Jayne’s art is often reflective of the coastal community in which she lives as well as her gardens. The... [Read More]

Cavicchi, MJ

Painting - Watercolour

Painting - Watercolour  Inspired by the beauty of her maritime surroundings, MJ’s work features blooming flowers to rugged coastlines, quaint... [Read More]

Conrad, Chaba: Chaba’s Clay Flower & Studio

Clay, Painting

Clay Flowers, Painting Unique hand-crafted flowers that are made of clay, beautiful and extraordinarily lifelike. I also enjoy my painting,... [Read More]

Conrad, Diana

Painting- Watercolour & Acrylic

Painting - Watercolour & Acrylic Diana is inspired by nature. Blue skies and tranquility seem to be the dominant theme.... [Read More]