Artist Profile: Jayne Campbell

Jayne Campbell has been involved with the arts for most of her adult life. She is experienced in a variety of mediums including oils, soft pastels watercolour and felting. I’m sure we could all envy the diversity of her artistic talents and range! For many years Jayne designed costumes for high school musicals at Cobequid Educational Centre and after retirement set aside some “me time” to embark on her painting ambitions. 

As a member of the PCAFA, Jayne has found new opportunities for both new audience exposure but also connection to fellow artists in the community. She has witnessed the growth of activity in the South Shore, which she now observes as a destination for art enthusiasts and collectors. This hub of activity makes for a flurry of mutually benefitting prospects for our member artists. With activities like the Studio Tour and Paint Peggy’s Cove just around the corner, it’s easy to share Jayne’s sentiments of excitement. 

Many of the PCAFA members could also agree that Jayne’s primary source of inspiration – the ocean – is a catalyst for creativity. With the salty air at the tips of our noses, we can surely find peace and passion. Jayne says she has passion in her work, though most of her art is simply trial and error; “If I get the opportunity to show and sell it is a bonus.” Despite her relaxed approach to the creative community, she still wishes she had a larger studio. Another feeling I’m sure we can all relate to!

Jayne finds she has so many creative interests, it’s difficult to narrow it down to one description of what her “thing” would be. She recalls growing up in Nova Scotia and in her teenage years admiring the works of Jack L.Gray and Tom Forrestall. Over the years, her abilities have expanded and shifted. She shares, “Now that I am officially a senior I continue to look forward to the time I have to create new works, travel for inspiration as well as use my art to stay healthy through meeting more and more same minded individuals along the way. It Is truly a wonderful journey.”