Artist Profiles

With an ever-growing membership, the PCAFA wanted to bring you a new way of getting to know artists in our community. There is a breadth of talent, stories and inspirations to be shared and we’ve found a creative way to interact with these individual backgrounds. PCAFA board member Kristen Herrington ( has launched a monthly profile article that can be found in our newsletter, and now on our website, that aims to showcase both the works and personalities of our member artists. Kristen interviews community artists to further explore their creative process, their medium and how their PCAFA membership has benefitted their artistic journey. This is a great place to learn more about each other and the exciting projects we’re working on.

If you would like to be one of our feature artists, please contact Kristen at: You will be contacted on a first-come-first-interviewed basis. We ask that artists provide a headshot, so don’t be afraid to say hello if you see a familiar face out there! 

February, 2019: Sarah Irwin

March, 2019: Mary Doane

April, 2019: Barbara Wilks

June 2019: Jayne Campbell

September 2019: Janet Couper

November 2019: Sadie Jane