Artist Profile: Sarah Irwin

Sarah Irwin describes the Peggy’s Cove area as “a melting pot of natural wonders, interesting people, and is small enough that you have a strong sense of community.” Perhaps many of us were attracted to this seaside geography for the same reasons. Rich in Mother Earth’s inspirations, artists have congregated to Peggy’s Cove and surrounding areas to find themselves supported in their creative expressions. Like Sarah, we’re able to surround ourselves in moments and miracles that keep us in our artistic zones. 

Sarah has felt her creative essence – her “thing” as I like to describe it – since she was just a child. “The first act of creative rebellion came I was about 12. I used tractor paint to make a hand print border in my bedroom. I got in trouble for that one…” She never looked back. She grew up feeling like her ideas were hard to explain, or that others didn’t care about them in the ways that she did. It was through these experiences that she knew she was a true artist! She knew that her “thing” was part of her and would remain in her life like a good friend. Her thing is translated through new ideas and pushing boundaries on new projects; “These ideas are chased around on paper first and then slowly turn into paintings, poems, wooden assemblages, stone sculptures and drawings,” all of which have led to Sarah’s respected reputation in the arts community. 
These communities include the Peggy’s Cove and Area Festival of the Arts organization, of which Sarah has been a proud member for 9 years. She shares that, “The PCAFA has created lasting friendships, connections, and inspired people to try new practices. It is important that it is not juried, but celebrates our local creative actions in general,” highlighting the supportive nature of our flourishing community. She will be among dozens of artists who open their studios to the public for the PCAFA annual Studio Tour, coming this July 5-7. Sarah will be showcasing a series of paintings on chalkboards and other fresh works! She also plans to pursue a combination of art and framing and growing a sculpture garden on her front yard. With great ambition and creative talent, we know Sarah will continue to produce impressive work for us all to enjoy.