Writing Descriptions and Bios

Studio Tour online listings have two fields available to describe your work and provide biographical information. We ask that they be written in third person.

Below we provide examples of what a description of work and a biography might say. These are intended to offer guidance only – feel free to express yourselves in your own words!

1) The first field is required and is a “Brief Description of  Work” with a maximum of 200 characters including spaces. The online form has an automatic counter that will stop your text when the maximum is reached.

For Regular Members this field is to describe your art.


Debbie’s work is inspired by intense colour and the play between light and shadows.  Subjects include dramatic flowers and stylized landscapes/seascapes.  Original acrylic paintings, prints and cards.

Philip’s paintings are inspired by the beauty of Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Working in acrylic he creates detailed renderings of the area’s rich land & seascapes, weathered buildings, and local flora.

For Multi-artist Group/Gallery listings this field is to describe the types of artwork exhibited by your group or in your gallery and should not include names of artists.


The gallery features original artwork in acrylic, pastel and fused glass, with a large selection of fine art reproductions and greeting cards.

Media represented include paintings, photography, mixed media sculptures, folk art, and upcycled materials. An eclectic variety of work by many talented local artists is creatively displayed.

2) The second field is an optional “Biography” with a maximum of 450 characters including spaces. The online form has an automatic counter that will stop your text when the maximum is reached.

For Regular Members this field is to provide a story about you as an artist and learn about your career credentials.


Debbie’s realistic works are influenced by her love of the outdoors and gardening.  Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe and Ted Harrison, Debbie’s recent work is focused on the drama and energy of natural forms.  As past president of the Peggy’s Cove Area Festival of the Arts, and member of the Crossroad Artists, Lunenburg Art Gallery Society, and the Aspotogan Arts & Crafts, Debbie is a well-known artist in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.  Her studio is open to visitors year-round.  Her work can also be found at the Art Zone Gallery (Halifax, NS).

Philip is a native Haligonian who, after receiving an undergraduate degree from the School of Architecture at TUNS, moved to Toronto to pursue work in that field. His love of painting eventually led to a career in the decorative arts within the field of interior design. In recent years Philip has made his home in Seabright on the shore of St Margaret’s Bay where he paints as well as operates Twelve Acre Hill Gallery.

For Multi-artist Group/Gallery listings this field is to provide some background about your group/gallery. You may include the names of artists in this section.


Situated in the community of Seabright, the Gallery is a thirty-five minute drive from Halifax’s downtown core and less than fifteen minutes from Peggy’s Cove. Overlooking beautiful St. Margaret’s Bay, the gallery is housed in a charming century farm building. A wide variety of original artworks are by area artists and artisans, and reflect the richness and beauty of local landscape, flora and architecture.

Indian Harbour Painters is a group of thirteen artists from the St. Margaret’s Bay area, many of whom have been painting together for several years. Their styles of work are diverse, including realism, impressionism and abstract.  Common subject matter includes seascape and landscape, portraying a love of the natural beauty of the surrounding coastal communities.