Evelyn, Leya

Leya Evelyn, Titled #1, Oil on Canvas

Leya Evelyn – Artist

Leya Evelyn’s mixed media paintings are dominated by intense, powerful colours. She exhibits nationally, internationally, and locally at the Secord Gallery in Halifax.

After living and working in New York City for twenty-four years, Leya Evelyn moved to Nova Scotia in 1984. She studied literature at Brown University and painting at Yale University, studying under Josef Albers. She taught at the NSCAD University for twenty years and currently teaches workshops on abstract painting.

STUDIO TOUR: open July 12, 13 & 14 LOCATION #30

75 Granite Cove Dr, Hubley, NS, B3Z 1A1

YEAR ROUND: enquiries welcome

t: 902-499-4111
e: [email protected]
w: leyaevelyn.com
i: instagram.com/leyaevelynart/