Tag: Watercolour

14. By the Bay Artists

An Eclectic Artisan Group

An Eclectic Artisan Group Inspired by the beautiful east coast, this group of local artists offers a diverse collection of... [Read More]

24. Patrick Charlton: Glen Gree Art

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour; Photo on Canvas

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour; Photo on Canvas Patrick is inspired by the art of the late RCN Commander Tony... [Read More]

24. Laura Emms: The Los Ems Gallery & Studio

Watercolour & Acrylics of Nature

Watercolour & Acrylics of Nature Laura Emms captures people's imagination with her highly stylised illustrative subject matter, through her creative... [Read More]

37. Mary Jean (Mj) Cavicchi

Painter - Watercolour & Acrylic

Painter - Watercolour & Acrylic Mj is inspired by the beauty of her native Maritime surroundings. Blooming gardens and wildflowers... [Read More]