Tag: Figures

04. Cheryl Flemming: Beach House Studio

Studio and Plein Air Oil Paintings

Studio and Plein Air Oil Paintings Cheryl paints in a contemporary impressionist style. Building on her career as an architect,... [Read More]

18. James Darley: Cove Gallery

Sculpture, Paintings & Jewelry

Sculpture, Paintings & Jewelry James’ paintings range from realistic local scenes to the impressionistic and abstract. His sculptures are impressionistic... [Read More]

28. Alexander Koltakov

Original Paintings, Plaster Bas-reliefs

Original Paintings, Plaster Bas-reliefs Alexander creates magical, colourful and warm impressionistic style landscapes and people-scapes, using oil or acrylic paints... [Read More]

38. Laurie Publicover Mireau: Mireau Art

Painter - Watercolour, Acrylic & Oil

Painter - Watercolour, Acrylic & Oil Using tight realism and vivid colours, Laurie enjoys painting coastal scenes and water reflections.... [Read More]