Tag: Acrylic

02. Cheryl Flemming: Beach House Studio

Painter - Oil

Painter - Oil Cheryl paints in a contemporary impressionist style. Building on her career as an architect, she creates paintings... [Read More]

04. Julia Festa: Art by Julia

Painter - Oil

Painter - Oil and Watercolour Julia enjoys painting with oil and also watercolour, capturing nature inspired by Nova Scotia's beauty.... [Read More]

05. Michael Sherwin

Painter – Watercolour & Acrylic, Woodturning

Painter – Watercolour & Acrylic, Woodturning Michael paints landscapes in both watercolour and acrylic inspired by the varied coastal regions... [Read More]

07. Donna Maguire: Rogue's Studio Gallery

Painter - Oil

Painter - Oil Oil on resin on canvas - contemporary with a hint of impressionism. OPEN: : July 5, 6... [Read More]

09. Sara Allain: Harbour General Store

Paintings - Nova Scotia Wildlife and Nature

Paintings - Nova Scotia Wildlife and Nature Sara is a self-taught artist residing in Shad Bay, Nova Scotia. Sara is... [Read More]

09. Tamara Plante: Harbour General Store

Painter - Acrylic on Canvas

Painter - Acrylic on Canvas Tamara is a self-taught Nova Scotian artist with a love for coastal life. She enjoys... [Read More]

09. Susan Vitale: Harbour General Store

Painter - Oil

Painter - Oil Susan paints on location around the Bay Area. She hopes to share its beauty in all weathers... [Read More]

10. Margaret Jones Callahan: Windhorse Studio

Painter - Watercolours, Acrylic, Mixed Media

Painter – Watercolour & Acrylic “Open spaces, big sky and the waters of St. Margaret’s Bay and Cape Breton inspire... [Read More]

11. Carol Ann McNeil: Carol Ann McNeil Studio

Painter - Abstract Mixed Media

Painter - Abstract Mixed Media Carol Ann's authentic paintings are analogies of her response to her own life experience of... [Read More]

11. Sarah Irwin: Irwin's Emporium

Oil Paintings, Stone Sculpture

Oil Paintings, Stone Sculpture Imagined landscapes, Neo-Folk chalkboards, vibrant abstracts, and sculpture garden make this stop a true Emporium. Guest... [Read More]

13. Glen Artists

Painters - Watercolour & Acrylic

Painters - Watercolour & Acrylic The Glen Artists is a group of watercolour and acrylic artists who have been meeting... [Read More]

14. By the Bay Artists

An Eclectic Artisan Group

An Eclectic Artisan Group Inspired by the beautiful east coast, this group of local artists offers a diverse collection of... [Read More]

16. James Darley: Cove Gallery

Paintings & Sculpture

Paintings & Sculpture James’ paintings range from realistic local scenes to the impressionistic and abstract. His sculptures are impressionistic and... [Read More]

17. Margo Mosher

Painter - Acrylic

Painter - Acrylic Although Margo is still a new painter, each painting helps her learn something new about colour, light,... [Read More]

18. Twelve Acre Hill Gallery

Painting, Pastels & Fused Glass

Painting, Pastels &  Fused Glass The Gallery is housed in a charming century farm building overlooking St. Margaret’s Bay. Much... [Read More]

19. Albert's Wharf Gallery

Local Area Watercolours, Oils & Acrylics

Local Area Watercolours, Oils & Acrylics Neil Depew and his mother have sold their paintings from this rustic fish shack... [Read More]

20. Krista Sheehan

Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings

Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings Krista's paintings are inspired by the beauty of St. Margaret’s Bay and the ocean... [Read More]

20. Not Me Art Gallery

Fine Art - Various Media

Fine Art - Various Media Not Me Art Gallery features a wide variety of exciting works by local artists. Media... [Read More]

21. Gretchen Amirault

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour Gretchen creates her paintings using watercolour or acrylics. Her subject matter is always changing but... [Read More]

21. Elise Doane

Acrylic, Watercolour, Oil, Collage

Acrylic, Watercolour, Oil, Collage Elise loves to paint and has an eclectic way of looking for new directions and styles... [Read More]

21. Joanne Logan: Joanne Logan Art

Painter - Mixed Media

Painter - Mixed Media Joanne creates often abstract collage and paintings that are inspired by the beautiful St. Margaret’s Bay,... [Read More]

21 Crossroad Artists

Painters - Watercolour, Acrylic & Mixed Media

Painters - Watercolour, Acrylic & Mixed Media Crossroad Artists is a group of 16 artists from the St. Margaret's Bay... [Read More]

22. Fabien Barabé: Barabé Art

Painter - Acrylic Landscapes & Seascapes

Painter - Acrylic Landscapes & Seascapes Landscapes, seascapes and atmospheric skies are the artist’s joy and goal. His home and... [Read More]

24. Patrick Charlton: Glen Gree Art

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour; Photo on Canvas

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour; Photo on Canvas Patrick is inspired by the art of the late RCN Commander Tony... [Read More]

24. Paula Fredericks: Cornucopia

Painter, Mixed Media Artist, Jeweller

Painter, Mixed Media Artist, Jeweller Paula makes imaginative art with acrylics, alcohol ink and paper, sometimes adding vintage embellishments. Her... [Read More]

24. Sue George

Painter - Acrylic

Painter - Acrylic Sue paints vibrant acrylic landscapes of our forests and lakes. Also featuring Mermaid Drops, seashore inspired jewellery,... [Read More]

24. Mary Lynne MacKay: Maritime Inspirations

Painter - Acrylic on Birch Board

Painter - Acrylic on Birch Board Mary Lynne's works of art are a fresh, vibrant and whimsical visual approach to... [Read More]

25. Leya Evelyn

Painter - Oil

Painter - Oil Leya Evelyn’s mixed media paintings are dominated by intense, powerful colours. She exhibits nationally, internationally, and locally... [Read More]

26. Beth Matthews: Shopudio

Painter – Oil & Acrylic

Painter – Oil & Acrylic Beth's paintings of land and seascapes, often featuring Sable Island horses, shore birds, or boats,... [Read More]

28. Grant Tomchuk

Painter - Acrylic

Painter - Acrylic Grant is a graphic designer by profession since the mid 80’s, but has recently picked up the... [Read More]

29. Robert Scheibling: RESart

Painter – Mixed Acrylic Media

Painter – Mixed Acrylic Media I use mixed acrylic media and found natural objects or materials to create highly textured,... [Read More]

31. Kristen Herrington: Kristen Herrington Art

Abstract Acrylic Fluid Art

Abstract Acrylic Fluid Art Kristen Herrington is a fluid-abstract-artist who uses measured mixtures of paint, mediums and other ingredients to... [Read More]

32. Sue Sadoway

Painter - Acrylic

Painter - Acrylic Sue creates paintings based on observations of her environment both physical and emotional. Her explorations are realistic,... [Read More]

33. Monika Wright

Painter - Abstract

Painter - Abstract In Monika's paintings, fluid, organic shapes and vibrant colours evoke an uplifting emotional response. The viewer's own... [Read More]

34. Debbie Smith: The Loft

Painter - Acrylic

Painter - Acrylic Strong themes in Debbie’s work include dramatic flowers, backyard birds, snow-laden forests and stunning fall landscapes. Her... [Read More]

35. Suzanne Day: Puffin Burrow Studio

Painter - Watercolour & Acrylic

Painter - Watercolour & Acrylic Suzanne’s paintings depict the natural coastal beauty of her native Nova Scotia: beaches, rocky shores,... [Read More]

36. Paulette Melanson: Paulette Melanson Studio

Painter - Abstracts and Landscapes

Painter - Abstracts and Landscapes Paulette is an intuitive painter who interprets local scenes, the natural environment and the personal.... [Read More]

37. Maria Kuttner

Acrylic Paintings & Linocut Prints

Acrylic Paintings & Linocut Prints Maria is inspired to make art by her surroundings and personal experiences. The vibrancy of... [Read More]

37. Mary Jean (Mj) Cavicchi

Painter - Watercolour & Acrylic

Painter - Watercolour & Acrylic Mj is inspired by the beauty of her native Maritime surroundings. Blooming gardens and wildflowers... [Read More]

39. Laurie Publicover Mireau: Mireau Art

Painter - Watercolour, Acrylic & Oil

Painter - Watercolour, Acrylic & Oil Using tight realism and vivid colours, Laurie enjoys painting coastal scenes and water reflections.... [Read More]

40. Jayne Campbell

Pastel, Fibre Art, Watercolour, Acrylics & Oil

Pastel, Fibre Art, Watercolour, Acrylics & Oil Jayne has been painting for 18 years in a variety of mediums. She... [Read More]

40. Aspotogan Arts & Crafts

Paintings, Sculpture, Ceramics, Folk Art, Woodwork, Jewellery

Paintings, Sculpture, Ceramics, Folk Art, Woodwork, Jewellery Aspotogan Arts & Crafts, celebrating 18 years, provides local artists and artisans in... [Read More]