Studio Tour Artists & Galleries 2019

27. Sue Belding

Painter - Watercolour

Painter - Watercolour Sue paints Naturescapes which represent a moment in time, presenting a beginning and/or end. It is within... [Read More]

28. Grant Tomchuk

Painter - Acrylic

Painter - Acrylic Grant is a graphic designer by profession since the mid 80’s, but has recently picked up the... [Read More]

29. Robert Scheibling: RESart

Painter – Mixed Acrylic Media

Painter – Mixed Acrylic Media I use mixed acrylic media and found natural objects or materials to create highly textured,... [Read More]

30. Daphne Trenaman: Green Apple Crafts

Weaver - Household Items and Fashion Accessories

Weaver - Household Items and Fashion Accessories An experienced weaver, Daphne explores the interplay of rich and vibrant colours on... [Read More]

31. Kristen Herrington: Kristen Herrington Art

Abstract Acrylic Fluid Art

Abstract Acrylic Fluid Art Kristen Herrington is a fluid-abstract-artist who uses measured mixtures of paint, mediums and other ingredients to... [Read More]

32. Sue Sadoway

Painter - Acrylic

Painter - Acrylic Sue creates paintings based on observations of her environment both physical and emotional. Her explorations are realistic,... [Read More]

33. Monika Wright

Painter - Abstract

Painter - Abstract In Monika's paintings, fluid, organic shapes and vibrant colours evoke an uplifting emotional response. The viewer's own... [Read More]

34. Brian Smith: The Loft

Woodworker - Canoe & Kayak Paddles

Woodworker - Canoe & Kayak Paddles Distinctive, high quality, canoe & kayak paddles, crafted by hand from Canadian soft and... [Read More]

34. Debbie Smith: The Loft

Painter - Acrylic

Painter - Acrylic Strong themes in Debbie’s work include dramatic flowers, backyard birds, snow-laden forests and stunning fall landscapes. Her... [Read More]

35. Suzanne Day: Puffin Burrow Studio

Painter - Watercolour & Acrylic

Painter - Watercolour & Acrylic Suzanne’s paintings depict the natural coastal beauty of her native Nova Scotia: beaches, rocky shores,... [Read More]