Studio Tour Artists & Galleries 2019

20. Not Me Art Gallery

Fine Art - Various Media

Fine Art - Various Media Not Me Art Gallery features a wide variety of exciting works by local artists. Media... [Read More]

21. Gretchen Amirault

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour Gretchen creates her paintings using watercolour or acrylics. Her subject matter is always changing but... [Read More]

21. Elise Doane

Acrylic, Watercolour, Oil, Collage

Acrylic, Watercolour, Oil, Collage Elise loves to paint and has an eclectic way of looking for new directions and styles... [Read More]

21. Mary Doane

Painter - Watercolour

Painter - Watercolour Mary is drawn to the intricate patterns of weathered wood, the organic colours of rusted metal and... [Read More]

21. Joanne Logan: Joanne Logan Art

Painter - Mixed Media

Painter - Mixed Media Joanne creates often abstract collage and paintings that are inspired by the beautiful St. Margaret’s Bay,... [Read More]

21 Crossroad Artists

Painters - Watercolour, Acrylic & Mixed Media

Painters - Watercolour, Acrylic & Mixed Media Crossroad Artists is a group of 16 artists from the St. Margaret's Bay... [Read More]

22. Fabien Barabé: Barabé Art

Painter - Acrylic Landscapes & Seascapes

Painter - Acrylic Landscapes & Seascapes Landscapes, seascapes and atmospheric skies are the artist’s joy and goal. His home and... [Read More]

23. Square One

Contemporary Fine Art

Contemporary Fine Art Square One is a group dedicated to exploring contemplation and perception in art and in everyday life.... [Read More]

24. Patrick Charlton: Glen Gree Art

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour; Photo on Canvas

Painter - Acrylics & Watercolour; Photo on Canvas Patrick is inspired by the art of the late RCN Commander Tony... [Read More]

24. Laura Emms: The Los Ems Gallery & Studio

Watercolour & Acrylics of Nature

Watercolour & Acrylics of Nature Laura Emms captures people's imagination with her highly stylised illustrative subject matter, through her creative... [Read More]