Studio Tour Artists & Galleries 2019

01. Carmen Mood: Skyburst Art Studio

Oil Paintings, Prints, Greeting Cards

Oil Paintings, Prints, Greeting Cards Skyburst Art Studio has been open seasonally for the last 5 years. Carmen and her... [Read More]

02. Cheryl Flemming: Beach House Studio

Painter - Oil

Painter - Oil Cheryl paints in a contemporary impressionist style. Building on her career as an architect, she creates paintings... [Read More]

03. Kim Aerts: Grayhouse Studios

Oil Landscape Paintings & Prints

Oil Landscape Paintings & Prints Kim is a landscape oil painter who paints scenes from the coasts, forests and valleys... [Read More]

04. Julia Festa: Art by Julia

Painter - Oil

Painter - Oil and Watercolour Julia enjoys painting with oil and also watercolour, capturing nature inspired by Nova Scotia's beauty.... [Read More]

05. Michael Sherwin

Painter – Watercolour & Acrylic, Woodturning

Painter – Watercolour & Acrylic, Woodturning Michael paints landscapes in both watercolour and acrylic inspired by the varied coastal regions... [Read More]

06. Mark Lundy: Crescent Clay

Custom Screen Doors, Woodwork Creations

Custom Screen Doors, Woodwork Creations Custom size screen doors of various designs are available. Size, shape and design are up... [Read More]

06. Denise Sooley: Denise Sooley Photography

Framed Photography

Framed Photography Denise is inspired by the beauty of the coast and found items left behind by people or nature.... [Read More]

06. Mary Jane Lundy: Crescent Clay

Fine Art Ceramics - Sculptures

Fine Art Ceramics - Sculptures Mary Jane Lundy is a clay sculptor/artist. She is inspired by the sea life found... [Read More]

07. Donna Maguire: Rogue's Studio Gallery

Painter - Oil

Painter - Oil Oil on resin on canvas - contemporary with a hint of impressionism. OPEN: : July 5, 6... [Read More]

08. Barbara Wilkes: Miniature Moments

Miniature Room Boxes/Vignettes

Miniature Room Boxes/Vignettes Barbara creates one-of-a-kind, award winning Miniature Room Boxes in 1” = 1’ scale. She is inspired by... [Read More]