Abstract Studio Artists: Art Group

Abstract Studio

Abstract Paintings

Dynamic and powerful abstract paintings in bold unique styles by 10 artists who have been meeting since 2014 to see each other’s work in progress and to discuss ideas of abstraction in art.

The 10 members of Abstract Studio Artists work in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media in various styles that range from non-objective painting to abstract impressionism to abstract expressionism. Members include: Cynthia Dean, D. Gwen Dueck, Kathryn Harley Haynes, Vaughan Irwin, Barbara King, Paulette Melanson, Ruth Ann Moger, Sue Sadoway, Barbara Scott and Bobby Young.

STUDIO TOUR:  showing July 16, 17 & 18 at The Tuna Blue Inn & Restaurant, 167 Shore Club Rd., Hubbards, NS B0J 1T0  LOCATION #40

YEAR ROUND: enquiries welcome

t: 902-483-3582
e: abstractstudioartists@gmail.com
w: abstractstudioartists.com/