Jones Callahan, Margaret: Tantallon Library


Acrylics, Mixed Media

Stories and images arise from my contemplation of this land and place. These works open a visual door, inviting you to explore and find your own story here

Margaret lives and works from Windhorse Studio in Indian Harbour. Her abstract-impressionist-paintings are based in a deep relationship to nature and her exploration of expressive mind. “I approach my work as a daily practice, combining sketching, contemplating, brushwork, and writing. I believe as an artist, you must learn who you are, what life means to you, and only then can you relate your findings to the rest of the universe through art.”

STUDIO TOUR: showing July 15, 16 & 17   LOCATION #28

3646 Hammonds’ Plains Rd., Upper Tantallon B3Z 4R2

YEAR ROUND: open at this location ONLY during Studio Tour Weekend. Year-round enquiries welcome.

t: 902-880-1776