McNeil, Carol Ann

Freedom 30x30 Acrylic

Painting – Abstract Mixed Media

Carol Ann’s authentic paintings are analogies of her response to life experience and living by the ocean. Stories told in acrylics show a sense of change, freedom, strength and the wonder of it all.

Painting for Carol Ann is basically a process guided by intuition, and fed by emotion, in that each painting is an act of faith and exploration. The act of creation elicits the personal power of being in the moment, with imagination sparking new thoughts and ideas. She is inspired by those she inspires to express their own creativity and share it with the world. The activity of art is in itself an affirmation of the miracles of everyday life.

STUDIO TOUR: open July 15, 16, & 17 LOCATION #13

Showing at Irwin’s Emporium, 9810 Peggy’s Cove Rd., Hackett’s Cove, NS, B3Z 3L1

YEAR ROUND: enquiries welcome

t: 902-817-0419