Smith, Brian: The Loft

Canoe paddle straight pattern

Woodworker – Canoe & Kayak Paddles

Distinctive, high quality, canoe & kayak paddles, crafted by hand from Canadian soft and hard woods, available in a variety of lengths and designs. An exceptional value for collectors, recreational and racing enthusiasts.

Brian has been building paddles for over 50 years. He has repaired and refurbished cedar strip canoes, canvas canoes, all-wood boats, and sailing dinghies. Smith Paddle and Canoe began formally in August 2013 in response to the overwhelming number of requests for custom built paddles from voyageur canoe enthusiasts. Today, Brian produces dozens of paddles in his workshop and ships them across Canada and the USA.

STUDIO TOUR:  open July 16, 17, & 18 LOCATION #33

YEAR ROUND: open by appointment only

43 Toni Ave., Boutilier’s Point, NS, B3Z 1X4

t: 902-527-8195