This year, PCAFA Society members are being invited to participate in an exciting project that will help to promote the 2018 Festival,  and, just as importantly, provide a chance for participants to get to know other artists, and maybe even a bit more about themselves as artists!

The project is called “Double Take” and it is loosely based on an artist exchange experience that I was lucky enough to take part in last year. Basically it consists of artists collaborating to produce works of art where one person starts, and the other one finishes each work. It is a perfect opportunity to loosen up, try a new medium, or experiment with a familiar one. Having just gone through this experience I thought I might offer a few thoughts and encouragement to those who might be thinking about trying it out.

Monotype Ghost Print by Patricia Lindley

Collaborative by Patricia Lindsay (PCAFA) & Johny Wilslew

What I found was that, while the premise of the exchange is quite simple – doing it was a lot more interesting and illuminating than I had expected. Deciding how to start the piece, what to put in and what not to put in, was fascinating. I wanted to “make my mark” but I also wanted to leave space for my counterpart to express himself as well. I chose to do a monoprint, leaving some areas less defined than others  so that it was my image, initially, but it could be transformed into “our” image. Finishing the work that he started was even more of an adventure. He was an abstract artist – I am a realist painter; he worked in acrylic – I rarely use it. In the end I used oil sticks and did a whimsical, iridescent sea creature on his brightly coloured background. It was fun and it was freeing. There was no expectation of what the result would be, and in the end the experience was just as valuable, if not more, than the resulting pieces. Not to say that they weren’t great! But they were certainly different than I anticipated.

Collaborative by Monika Wright (PCAFA) & Per Lenholdt

So what can you expect as a “Double Take” artist? Well, to add to the fun, artworks are going to be exchanged randomly…you won’t know who will be finishing your work, nor whose work you will be finishing. So feel free to go wherever your inspiration takes you. Also, an important product of the project will be a video that will superimpose photographs of the finished pieces onto photos of ‘halfway’ works and show the transformation that each undergoes. At some point we would like to bring everyone together during the process, to share the experience. Stay tuned for more on that!

For more details, visit Double Take.
To learn how you can participate in this member event, contact Philip Hodges: