Pieces of Eight

Pieces of Eight is a new Member’s Project that will create a body of work reflecting the talents of our community of artists. Members are invited to submit one piece for this project.

Parameters for the work:

Members are asked to create NEW work for this event (in their chosen medium) measuring 8” x 8” finished (including frame if applicable), or in the case of 3-Dimensional work, fitting inside of an 8” x 8” x 8” volume. A sculpture or textile piece, for example, would not have to be in a cube form but might sit on an 8”x8” base and not exceed 8” in height. Jewellers might display their work on an 8” x 8” base or within an 8” x 8” x 8” volume. 3D work can be designed for wall mounting or table display. The goal is to have a strong display of work that is visually unified by size and scale.

Work is to be priced at your discretion between $50 and $150.00. The artists will receive 70% of the sale price, the PCAFA will receive 30%. The works will be displayed FOR SALE on Opening Night.

Due date for finished pieces will be in early May, 2019. Drop off information will be provided in the new year

Written Component:

In addition to the work itself, each piece will be displayed with a brief written statement. This statement is intended to share something about the artist, the work, or their process. The public is interested in your path to becoming an artist, and learning a bit more about your story. It is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the community viewing your work. Please don’t let this deter you! It can be as simple as your name along with a few words about the medium you use and how long you’ve been an artist. Details of length and format of written statements will be provided in the new year. We will be happy to provide you with some tips and examples for your written statement.*

Use in Promotion:

  • The work is intended to provide ‘talking points’ for Festival 2019 promotional/marketing activities which may include showing the completed pieces in a community forum, presenting the project on “morning TV” and/or other activities to be explored.
  • Each piece will be photographed and an electronic ‘album’ of photographs will be used to promote the event itself and the 2019 Festival.
  • Artists will be notified by e-mail where the community display is to be held. During displays leading up to the Festival, the work will not be sold, but prices will be displayed.
  • Although the PCAFA will work to promote these pieces, with community engagement and Facebook promo, sale is not guaranteed. Should a piece remain unsold, it will be returned to the artist after Opening Night.

To register so that you will be sure to receive future details by email about the project, or if you have any questions, please contact Phil Hodges at gallery@twelveacrehill.com or 902-219-1188.

* On April 16, the Festival will be hosting a Member’s workshop to share ideas about writing Bios, CV’s and Artist Statements. Self-promotion is often difficult, especially in a limited number of words, but it is a great way to engage others and help us to recognize our own accomplishments. This would in not be a prerequisite for participating in Pieces of Eight, but an opportunity to learn and apply new skills in the context of this group project.

* May 4th, 1 – 4 pm,  is the time for dropping off finished Pieces of Eight.  The location is Acadian Maple Products, 13578 Peggys Cove Rd, Upper Tantallon.