Artists and non-artists maintaining an address within the catchment are eligible for Individual Membership. Membership is valid between November 1, 2016 and November 1, 2017.  Annual fee is $40.

  • Single-artist galleries are eligible for Individual Membership; multiple-artist galleries are only eligible for Corporate Membership

Please note:  A discretionary Generosity Possibility is available for those in need.  Please contact Debbie Smith (820-5199) to find out more.


If you wish to register using the online form, please use the link below. Your information goes automatically to our secure spreadsheet. When you have completed and submitted the form, directions for payment will be provided.

2017 Individual Membership Online Registration Form

Payment options:  PayPal or cheque (Please note: You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, just a major credit card. There is no PayPal fee.)


If you prefer to print the membership form, and send payment by mail, please make cheque payable to Peggy’s Cove Area Festival of the Arts and send form and cheque to:

Peggy’s Cove Area Festival of the Arts
319 Indian Point Road
Glen Haven, NS B3Z 2S8

2017 Individual Membership Printable Form