Double Take


This year, PCAFA Society members are being invited to participate in an exciting project that will help to promote the 2018 Festival, and, just as importantly, provide a chance for participants to get to know other artists, and maybe even a bit more about themselves as artists!


Have a sense of fun, be open to trying something new, and enjoy an opportunity to partner with fellow Festival members in creating two original works of Art.  Registration closes January 13th.

The Premise:

You start a work of art based on the theme ‘Double Take’ and someone else finishes it. You, in turn, receive a partially completed work of art and you finish it. We all get together and see what has transpired.

The Process:

You will be given two sheets of 140 lb. cold press water colour paper, each measuring 15”x22”. One is to work on, the second is in case you aren’t happy with your first go.

You are to begin a work, and take it to some degree of completion. You decide how much or how little of the surface you will use, and what medium (media) you will use. Acrylic, watercolour, textiles, collage – anything goes. The idea is to begin an artwork that someone else will complete. The only requirement is that the submitted piece still measures 15”x22”, incorporates the paper, and is unsigned. Unsigned so that there is an element of mystery until the end!

In February the unsigned, partially completed works will be collected and photographed. By a random draw, each participating artist will be given someone else’s partially completed work. Artists will then have until April 13th to complete and submit the finished piece. The same rules apply – any media may be used, and any amount of the piece may be worked over or around. All we ask is that the finished piece measures 15”x22”.

When the final pieces have been submitted they will be photographed and held for exhibition.

Patricia Lindley tells us about her experience with a similar project last year, in a testimonial.  Read more…

Submission Details:

The absolute final date for submission is February 10th at high noon. Pat Lindley and/or Philip Hodges will be at Acadian Maple (13574 Peggy’s Cove Rd.) on Friday February 9th between 11am and 1pm and Saturday February 10th between 10am and 12pm to receive your partially completed work.

Please remember that we ask that the partially completed work be unsigned but that you do indicate your name on the outside of the packaging.

We can’t accept work after February 10 as we will be photographing all of the pieces that weekend and distributing works back to you the following weekend (details to follow). If you have completed your work in advance of the 9th/10th and can’t drop it off at the library, you are welcome to arrange to deliver it to Pat Lindley in Seabright at any time. Please contact her at or call 902-823-2530.


January 13 – Registration closes

February 9 – Drop off partially completed works, between 11 am and 1 pm (Acadian Maple, Upper Tantallon)

February 10 – Drop off partially completed works, between 10 am and noon (Acadian Maple, Upper Tantallon)

April 13 – Drop off  finished works, between 11 am and 1 pm (Acadian Maple, Upper Tantallon)

May 5 – Drop off  finished works, between 10 am and noon (Tantallon Public Library)

June 14 – Double Take Reveal – open to members and guests, 7 – 9 pm (Shining Waters, Tantallon)

July 4 – Public Exhibit at Opening Night Reception (Shining Waters, Tantallon)


  • Only Festival members qualify to participate.
  • Each artist shall own the piece that they initiated, not the one that they completed. It has to be one or the other so we’ve decided that it will be the one that you’ve set the initial direction for.
  • If you will be out of the area over the winter months and can’t pick up your two sheets of paper, you can purchase your own and submit a receipt for reimbursement .
  • If you are not able to return the partially completed work to the Festival in person at the end of February, the Festival will reimburse you for shipping costs to Nova Scotia, when you submit a receipt, to a maximum of $25
  • Artwork will not be framed or mounted but hung as is.