Double Take


This year, society members were invited to participate in an exciting project called ‘Double Take’.

The premise was simple.  Artists were asked to start a work based on the theme, and then each in turn, received a partially completed work of art and finished it. The project was exciting in that it not only helped to promote the festival, but just as importantly, it provided a chance for the participants to get to know one another – and even a little bit more about themselves!

“Finished works from the ‘Double Take’ Project have started to appear, and the results are fantastic!”, says Committee Chair Philip Hodges. All Festival Members are invited to attend a showcase of this great creative exchange at a fun evening at Shining Waters on July 14th.

A public viewing of the finished ‘Double Take’ pieces will happen at the Festival Opening Night Gala, taking place July 4th, 7pm-9:30pm at Shining Waters Marine. Tickets are available online.

Artists Talk about their Experiences with the Project

“The piece that was allotted for me to finish was far removed from my own style and coming up with an idea that worked for me took longer than the actual creating of it.  I was not sure my idea would even work and then what if I totally ruined someone else’s work?  I felt that I wanted to honour the articulate work of the artist who began the piece.  I do not articulate well!  Once I hit on an idea and got started, one mark moved to another until I found that I am really pleased with the end result.  I find myself thinking a lot about the value of relationships, community and connection.  I have amazed myself.”  Carol Ann MacNeil

“An artist’s work is solitary.  This project offered me an opportunity to really connect with other artists and have a little fun.  It really challenged me, too.”  Debbie Smith