Studio Tour Artists & Galleries 2017

22. Leya Evelyn

Painter - abstract oil

Leya Evelyn’s mixed media paintings are dominated by intense, powerful colours.  She exhibits nationally, internationally, and locally at the Secord... [Read More]

23. Beth Matthews - Shopudio

Painter - Acrylic

Beth is drawn to the timeless, rugged landscapes of Nova Scotia – barrens, shorelines – juxtaposed with the fleeting presence... [Read More]

23. John Matthews - Shopudio

Woodcraft and Mammoth Ivory Jewellery

John makes driftwood boxes out of old ship’s planks and carves jewelry from fossil mammoth ivory. He often incorporates polished... [Read More]

24. Sue Belding

Painter - Watercolour

Sue paints Naturescapes which represent a moment in time, presenting a beginning and/or end. It is within these paintings that... [Read More]

25. Daphne Trenaman - Green Apple Crafts

Handweaver - wearable fibre art and household items

An experienced weaver, Daphne explores the interplay of rich and vibrant colours on her loom.   She creates scarves and other... [Read More]

26. Paula Fredericks - Cornucopia

Jeweller, Mixed Media Artist

Using canvas, metal or wood, Paula makes art for small spaces. She uses alcohol ink, acrylics, paper, vintage items, metal... [Read More]

27. JAN EVERETT - Blue Studio

Jewellery - silver, pearl and gemstone

Jan’s studio features sterling silver and stainless steel jewellery, paintings and wall hangings. Semi-precious gemstones and freshwater pearls appear in... [Read More]

28. Suzanne Day - Puffin Burrow Studio

Painter - Watercolour and acrylic

Suzanne's paintings depict the natural coastal beauty of her native Nova Scotia: beaches, rocky shores, wildflowers, seabirds, sailboats and fishing... [Read More]

29. Lisa Wright

Painter - acrylic, oil, and mixed media

Lisa’s abstract art is complex with an energetic blend of brushstrokes, textures and marks. She exhibits at the Teichert Gallery... [Read More]

30. Paulette Melanson

Painter - abstracts and landscapes

Influenced by her Acadian heritage, Paulette likes to interpret local scenes and the natural environment in representational and abstract styles.... [Read More]