Studio Tour Artists & Galleries 2017

18. Cheryl Flemming

Contemporary Impressionist - Oil Painter

Cheryl’s work is a collection of landscape, floral and figurative oil paintings. Her paintings exhibit work with excellent use of... [Read More]

19. Debbie Smith - The Loft

Painter - Acrylic

Strong themes in Debbie’s work include dramatic flowers, snow laden forests and stunning fall landscapes. Her art is inspired by... [Read More]

19. Elise Doane

Painter - Acrylic, Watercolour, Oil and Mixed Media

Elise loves to paint and has an eclectic way of looking for new directions and styles to express herself in... [Read More]

19. Gretchen Amirault

Painter - Acrylics and Watercolour

Gretchen creates her paintings using watercolour or acrylics. Her subject matter is always changing but her use of vibrant colour... [Read More]

19. Maria Kuttner - Art in the Garden Studio

Painter - Acrylic

Maria takes inspiration for her spirited paintings from her surroundings and personal experience. Bright colour, whimsy and living forms are... [Read More]

19. Mary Lynne MacKay

Painter - Watercolour & Acrylic

Mary Lynne’s fresh, vibrant and whimsical paintings capture the rustic charm of Atlantic Canada. Her art can be found in... [Read More]


Painters - watercolour, acrylic and mixed media

Crossroad Artists are a cohesive group of artists from the St. Margaret’s Bay area, who have been painting together for... [Read More]

20. Fabien Barabé - Barabé Art

Fine art acrylic paintings

Land, seascapes and atmospheric skies are the artist’s joy and goal. His home and surroundings have been the inspiration of... [Read More]

21. MARGARET JONES CALLAHAN - Windhorse Studio

Watercolour, acrylic, and calligraphy

Inspired by a contemplative approach to nature, Margaret combines traditions of abstract expressionism, calligraphic brushwork, and landscape. SHOWING: July 14-16... [Read More]

21. RANDY HESTER - Hester Glass House

Stained glass art

Classically painted and constructed stained glass art. Buddhist Iconography, Japanese and creative designs. Randy Hester, the foremost Christian window artist... [Read More]