Information for Artists


April 1 – Registration open to artists.

June 9 – Registration closes for artists.

June 20 – Deadline for biography and list of studio art

July 13 – Plein air painting at Peggy’s Cove

July 14 – Plein air painting at Peggy’s Cove

July 15 – Plein air painting at Peggy’s Cove

July 16 to August 4 – Online surveys completed by participating artists

July 16 to August 4 – Cheques and receipts issued to artists



Painting Dates and Time:

Saturday, July 13:           10 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday, July 14:              10 am to 5:00 pm

Monday, July 15:             10 am to 4:00 pm

Registration Deadline: June 9th, 2019. Artists will be selected on a first come first served basis. A waiting list will be created to accommodate cancellations. Registrations will be acknowledged by email, mail or telephone.

Fee: $25.00 (flat rate)

Includes 1 to 3 days of plein air painting and the option to sell previously finished works (see below), morning snacks and water (artists are responsible for their own lunches).

Number of Participants: up to 40 artists maximum with a limited number of 32 spaces to display studio art in the Yurt.

Minimum Age for Participation: 16 years.

Insurance: The Paint Peggy’s Cove Committee will handle all artwork as carefully as possible but is not responsible for any damaged or stolen paintings. A Mongolian Yurt (round tent) will be set up in Peggy’s Cove to display all the framed art and freshly painted art. The doors to the Yurt will be locked each night. Artists are responsible for their own insurance.

Event Location: The PCAFA Yurt will be located behind Peggy’s Cove Jewellery Studio, 154 Peggy’s Point Rd. (close to the Sou’wester Restaurant) in Peggy’s Cove Village.

On Site Artist Registration: On site artist registration begins at 8:30 am Saturday at the Yurt. Artists are required to register on the first day and check in at the start of each subsequent day. Drop-off stations will be available near the Yurt. One of the volunteers will be available to watch your gear while you park your vehicle at the Visitor Information Centre.

Parking: In Peggy’s Cove, all vehicles must be parked at the Visitor Information Centre – at the back of the lot.

Where you can paint: You are free to go just about anywhere in the village. We have a map for you that will help. There are a few exceptions; volunteers will show you those areas when you check in.

Painting and Drawing On Site: This is an opportunity for the public to observe artists at work and to have a chance to buy work they have seen completed by the artist. Artists are encouraged to produce a minimum of 1 piece per day. Paintings completed during the event will be picked up by a designated volunteer when completed and displayed for sale at the Yurt.


Previously completed Works: Although the maximum number of participating artists is 40, there are only 32 spaces available for displaying studio art in the Yurt. Artists, who are interested in displaying studio art in the Yurt, will be selected on a first come first served basis, so please register early if you are interested in displaying studio art in the Yurt. There will be 8 additional spaces for artists who wish to paint at the event but who do not wish to display previously completed works in the Yurt.

All paintings should be ready to hang and you are required to pre-register your paintings (a form will be emailed to you prior to the event). There is no storage space available in the Yurt. Therefore, artists may not store wrapping materials in the Yurt. Artists must agree to leave their studio art on display at the Yurt until their last day of painting, on which it can be removed between the hours of 5 and 6 pm (please see “Sign out” Procedure).


Sales:  All art sold during the entire event will be subject to the following:

The artist retains 70% of the selling price. 10% of all sales will go to the Peggy’s Cove Preservation Society.  20% will go to the Peggy’s Cove Area Festival of the Arts.

Artists are permitted to display and sell smaller pieces at their painting location, however must pay a percentage of their sales as per breakdown listed above. All sales in the Yurt will be handled by PCAFA Paint Peggy’s Cove volunteers.


Wet paintings:  The artist establishes one sale price for his/her wet paintings. As artists complete their paintings, a volunteer will pick them up and take them to the Yurt for display and sale.  Please ensure that your painting is priced for this sales environment.

Sign Out Procedure: Artists will determine which of their paintings have sold and which unsold works remain in the Yurt. They will will confirm this information on a copy of their inventory sheet at the desk. Unsold paintings can then be retrieved by the artist.

General: This is a “rain or shine” event.  We do not cancel unless dangerously high winds are forecast. Artists will be notified should this be the case. Please come prepared to paint in all types of weather conditions. Transportation to each painting site is the responsibility of the artist.


Event Registration  for PAINT PEGGY’S COVE 2019.